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Food Containers

Expanding Our Capacity to Serve: Two Food Containers

At Team Jesus Outreach Ministries, we are committed to enhancing our ability to serve the community, and one significant step in achieving this goal is the introduction of our two specialized food containers. These containers are a crucial addition to our infrastructure, enabling us to store and distribute food more efficiently.

1. Refrigerated Container

Our refrigerated container provides a temperature-controlled environment that allows us to store perishable food items safely. This means we can now accept and preserve fresh produce, dairy, and other temperature-sensitive goods. By having a refrigerated container, we not only reduce food waste but also ensure that our recipients receive nutritious and fresh food items.

2. Dry Goods Container

In addition to our refrigerated container, we have a dedicated dry goods container. This container allows us to store non-perishable food items, such as canned goods, pasta, rice, and more. Having a separate dry goods container helps us efficiently organize and manage our food inventory, ensuring we have a wide variety of options available to distribute to those in need.

These two food containers represent our commitment to maximizing the resources at our disposal and making the most significant impact possible. They enable us to save and distribute more food, which, in turn, allows us to reach more individuals and families within our community who require assistance.

By expanding our food storage capabilities, we can continue to fulfill our mission of providing essential resources to those in need, reducing hunger, and bringing hope to our community.

Thank you for your support, which has made these advancements possible.

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